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If I am having trouble placing an ad, can schedule a phone call?  Yes- e-mail [email protected]  (responses can take up to 24 hours)  to schedule a phone call or call #952-452-1982

and you can request a “Claim Form” and we can enter it for you.

How much do ads cost and what types of ads does MAFO have?

  1.  To add a listing to the directory, it is 20.00 a month or 200.00 a year, which includes:-Dashboard you can update as much as you want-Photos-Link to your website- Space for description-Listed on the “openings list”.-Main directory placement2. We also have Our side advertising: Which rotates on interior directory pages. Which is 50.00 a month.  Photo with link to your website.3.We also have Our TOP BANNER advertising: Which rotates on interior directory pages. Which is 100.00 a month.  Photo with link to your website.

    4. MAFO will create a slider for your ad Side for a 1x fee of $45.00

If I’m having trouble placing an ad, should I try another browser? Best search engine for MAFO?

Yes- The Best Browser for this website is FireFox.  An old browser is not going to handle new features well and will become unstable quicker.

Google is the best search engine for

Can I pay by check?

Not at this time, a valid credit card is the only payment we accept at this time.

Is this a state wide system?

Yes, it is, it is a United States wide system.

Who created this system?

Social workers.

Do social workers know about the site?

Yes, they are waiting for the postings.   Social Workers use the site daily to find Provider and services.

Does this site direct social workers and community members directly to my companies website when I place an ad?


Can I list my Adult family foster-care opening?


Why would you use Mafo?

MAFO is a Social Worker and Community Healthcare Provider directory

MAFO was originally started as an Adult Foster care list to help providers and social workers connect throughout the state and has grown to over 20 provider categories.

Advertising highlights your business so when people search Featured listings and in the directory they find you.

Social worker’s and community members are more likely to call a facility that advertises listing verses calling many places that may not.

Some of the things in the listing directory are hard to find any other place than here. 

Almost all People/places/facilities use one or more of the other services listed in the directory.

You can list your website in it and get more views on your website.

You can use your ad as your website.


******Plans are set for automatic renewals for either 1 month to date or 1 year to date at the rates of $20.00 a month or $200.00 a year.   If you would like to cancel your renewal/ad, please contact us in writing and let us know you would like your ad canceled 7 days prior to the end date.  By paying you are acknowledging this is MAFO’s policy.

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